Saturday, August 9, 2008

StAtE fAiR...RoUnD TwO

ok i hope this will not be a bore to you....but yes off to the state fair we went again this morning!! kale was with a friend so it was just troy and i.....ahhhh a day together!!! what a nice picture that is. anyway we get there around area man was shearing sheep....yes that is what i said...shearing sheep......we are showing our age rather quickly......and very romantic.....just the two of us at a sheep shearing contest along with hundreds of other people.....10 or more years ago i do not think that troy or myself would have EVER gone to the fair to watch such a thing. but i do have to say it was very is quite an art and they do it with such ease and quickness....and for the most part that is why they do is a contest to see who can shear 4 sheep the quickest. after that down to the food stands for good old fried cheese....again!!! and a tall cup of $6.00 lemonade......quite a deal for sugar, water, and a piece of lemon....but u gotta love it.....I know now after visiting the fair that i work WAY to hard for my money!!!!

This is the pile of wool from one is for the most part all one piece. It is just an awesome thing to watch.....even though it sounds very boring and quite a bit was fun.
These are the shoes that most of the guys who shear wear....they are kind of funky looking but i was told that they bunch up on the top of the foot and that is padding....i guess so that the sheep hooves don't hurt the top of the foot and they also help give them extra traction so they don't slip and fall.....they are not anything that i expect to see on the runway anytime soon but they are useful...we all can use a useful pair of shoes!!!!!

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