Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!!!!!!

Just want to take a minute to tell you all Happy New Year!!!!!!!
2008 has had some ups and downs for all of us but lets all hope that 2009 will be everything that we all want it to be!!!!!! I think I will just post a few pictures of things that went on in our life in 2008....just random pictures no order and I will try to make a little comment on them.
I just want to tell you all how thankful we are to have you in our lives and thanks for everything you all do!!! So Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!!! From The Jensens
First things first.......Troy's huge purchase
our new favorite thing to do....we can't wait
until this summer!!!!!
Congrats to The Sweeney's
1 year!!!!!!!
The 40th birthday surprise....thanks to you all.....I was surprised
if you couldn't tell!!!!!!!!
Back to school 2008!!!!

Taylor at state for cross you see it looks like Troy is telling me to hurry the
H~E~double hockey sticks up!!!!!!!

Ice Storm 2008.
Cool picture taken by Troy.

Labor Day Weekend
Happy Birthday Jayden!!!!!!

Laney's first year of cross country.....she did AWESOME!!!!!!
This is Troy's favorite picture he took this year!!!!!
Taylor was on the conference champs track team.
It says 2007 on the really was 2008 we put the wrong date on the picture
Grandma Dixie and the family.

Happy 40th birthday Troy!!!!!!

Kale's big purchase....with his own money!!!!!!!

And our sweet little addition to the family......
don't let those eyes fool ya!!!!!!
He has made us remember what it is like to have a puppy in the house again!!!!!!

Happy 2009 to you all!!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


I will need to go shopping in the morning for these.......I like to think of myself as agile......but today I think I proved that theory

I got home this afternoon from doing a little shopping with Kale.....we saw shoplifting in progress, the chase and police......that was our first stop......that should have been a clue!!!!
But anyway I went in to tell Troy that a lady at the grocery store had hit our car door....clue #2 that it may not be a good day!!!!! So I asked him to come out and look at we were going out....I started to go down the steps on the deck and somehow the toe of my shoe got hung up on one of the cracks on the deck.....and as it all was taking place I felt like Wile E Coyote falling off the edge of a arms were moving but my foot was I think I am going to catch myself from foot comes loose and down on the concrete I go.....I catch myself with my hands and knees...."oh my gosh" I tell Troy....."I think I fell"!!!!! As we were both laughing....uncontrollably!!!!!! I have some scrapes.....but I will be ok!!!! But now my legs and wrists are a little tender.....I think I am starting to realize I am not as young as I used to be!!!! So that is why I think I better make a trip to the mall tomorrow to check out some protective gear.......40 is starting to show it's ugly side to me and I want to be prepared!!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ok friends.....i do want to say i am very sorry for kind of neglecting my blog lately!!!!!
i am not able to do more than one thing at a time!!!!!! So i will let you in on my new addiction
I know, I know!!!!!!!
How weird is that????? I thought it was just for kids but i have found soooo many friends that i had lost track of from when i was has really been alot of fun!!!!!
So if you want to come over to visit...i will be under
Melissa Kelsey-Jensen
Maybe i will see some of you there!!!!
And i will try to be better at doing 2 things at once!!!
I am going to also blame it on being busy from Christmas!!!!!! I know i can't take all of the blame!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Oh i saw something the other day that you really laugh out loud when you type this?????? I thought that was do you??????

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


Poor little Dempster had to go to the doctor today.....they took his temperature.....and for a dog they do not do it orally.....he did not care for that to I probably wouldn't either!!!!!!(well not probably....I know I would not like it!!!!!)
He was running a slight temperature and has a cold so he had to have a shot and he has to take 2 ginormous horse pills a day.....try hiding a pill that big in something and have him not spit it out.
I have to get very creative.....I did the hot dog but tonite he spit the pill I got a piece of cheese and squished the cheese around the pill.....ha it fooled him this time!!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Oh you guys I think I just had the worst nite a mom could ever have!!!!!!! We were coming home from the basketball game tonite and out of the blue Kale says.....ok I have to ask you guys something and I want to know the truth. My mind went a hundred different directions in that very short time thinking oh no what is it that he wants to know and can I answer his question!??!!??!?!?! I said ok what do you want to know. He said..............Is there really a Santa or do you guys just buy the gifts and put them under the tree!?!?!??!?! Oh my gosh you heart raced a hundred mile an hour!!!!!!! I did not say a word......because I couldn't.
Troy finally says.....NO. He he is telling the truth......I think he is just kidding me.
So I said......what do you think???? He said.....I don't know, that is why I am asking you!!!!!!
Oh my gosh you guys I had to tell him the truth!!!!!! I felt horrible.....I could tell by the sound of his voice how disappointed he was. I feel so bad part of me wishes I would have just said yes there really is a Santa. Troy and the some of the people I work with have been telling me for over a year that I need to tell him but I just couldn't do it. Kids grow up soooo fast I just wanted to hold on to that last innocent memory. Troy kept telling me he is 12.....he needs to know the truth....he will be going to JR.HI. next year and still believing in Santa.

So after a bit of silence he says so I don't think there is a tooth fairy either......right?????? Troy says........well yes there is a tooth fairy(haha very funny to my lovely husband!!!) I said no......he says.....then what do you do with all the teeth???? I said.....we just toss them in the garbage.

So I thought to long as we are being honest here I better say........and there is not an Easter Bunny either. He says......WHAT??????(oh my gosh you guys he is breaking my heart!!!)
How can that be......remember that time we stayed at Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jeff's and we woke up the next morning and there were bunny tracks(no pooh) all over the did they get there?????? Troy says........cotton balls. End of story. So thanks Grandma Janet for that wonderful memory.....that is something Kale will never forget!!!!!!!

So now I am wishing I would have fibbed for just one more year......I feel like I just made him have a horrible Christmas this year!!!!!!!

So when did you all find out or tell your kids about Santa?????

Thursday, December 11, 2008


goodgoogleypooh(not sure if that is a real word but i like to use it....kind of like holy cow or something to that nature!!!).......i am not sure what happened to that last post. i am not sure how i got it in huge letters but i i am very sorry it is giant!!!!! i tried to go back and change it but that doesn't look like it is going to big red letters it is!!!!!hahaha!!!!


I have got to get a clue.......I looked at the calendar last nite and at that very second a little light went of in my head.......after this weekend I have one full week to get almost ALL of my Christmas shopping done!!!!! I have to squeeze shopping in around basketball, wrestling, Christmas concert, after prom meeting, sports booster meeting, parents advisory meeting and a purse party.....oh and work and I would like to fit in a little bit of sleep!!!!! You would think by the way I am acting that Christmas is something new to me.......I think it is December 25th every year......RIGHT?????? oh well I like to think that I work pretty good under pressure.....anyway I think I do...please don't ask my family. Oh and I thought I wanted to do a little baking too.....that may not happen.....shucks!!! So if any of you have any extra goodies feel free to send them our way!!!! But I think you all get the idea.....has it snuck up on any of you??? Or are you guys just setting back and relaxing.....been done shopping for a long time!??!?!?!?!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Monday nite was one of the very few junior varsity basketball games that Delaney has. She only gets to play 2 quarters in the JV games because she does get to play some varsity from time to time and the varsity plays this Friday and Saturday nite so I am sure she will get to play some!!! I just feel bad for her because she doesn't play alot of varsity.....only to give the older girls a little break or if somebody needs a butt chewin' she goes in for a couple of minutes and the rule is that you can only play 2 quarters in the JV game if you play ANY that kid of stinks!!!!!! I love it that she gets to dress varsity and play some but I hate it that she doesn't get to play more!!!! Anyway enough rambling.......they won the game!!!! Good job Laney!!!!! Then the ice came after the game last nite so we were stuck at home school and the state recommended no travel in our I had to stay home from work today......and I hate that.......:0) And man is it ever cold!!!!!! BBBRRRRRRR!!!!!!!I love the look on her face!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday was a big day at our house we had alot going on......varsity basketball, Troy and Kale leaving for the opening day of deer season in Iowa and the guys were going to be gone so I called my friend Steph to see if she wanted to come up and hang out with me and the girls this weekend....and she said.....sure. So the plan was that we all go to the basketball game then Troy and Kale leave after the game to do their guy stuff and us girls were going to hang out all weekend!!!!!!(AWESOME plan!!!) But the plans all changed at about 8:30am!!!!! The school nurse called and said Kale was sick. So off to the school I go to pick him up. As soon as we got home I called Steph to let her know about Kale just in case she did not want to be around the crud!!!! No problem she says....I'll be there!!! Poor the day went by he got a little sicker!!!!(is that a word????) When Troy got home we were talking about Kale and what our plan would be for him to try to go on Saturday....I thought he was sleeping......but from under the blankets I hear a muffled "oh I am going" but we thought it was best he stay home tonite and see how he felt on Saturday....he didn't like it but that was the only plan I gave him!!!!!
So Steph and I stayed home with Kale and did not get to go to the game......and wouldn't you know it.......Taylor was leading scorer with 16 points!!!!!! I was so disappointed I did not get to see it!!!!!! Great job Taylor!!!!!! As for the team.....we 19 points.......not a good nite!!!!!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma Becky & Aunt Janine!!!!!!!!
We Love You!!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Taylor was invited to a leadership conference today in Des Moines. They took 14 kids from our school and she was one of the few who got to attend.....I was pretty proud of that fact!!!!
I think she said there were over 600 kids total and they split off into groups to do activities and also did activities as a large group. I have to say when she got home she was really pumped up...she said she got to meet alot of kids that she would have otherwise never ever had the chance to meet. And the very most important thing she said was......."It made me realize that no matter how bad I think I have there are alot of other kids who have it really bad" problems,death,divorce and the list goes on. But she loved it and I was soooo happy that she really got into it and took alot away from it!!!!! She is an awesome kid and I know as parents we sometimes forget to stop and take a second to think about how good they really are......even if their room is a mess!!!!!hahaha!!! We love you Taylor and are very proud of everything you do!!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


On Sunday we finally got snow.......3.5 inches!!!!!!! I was pretty excited about it.......Troy not so excited......he had to go into work to clear some snow to be ready for Monday!!!!!!

But this was a problem when the snow came........the satellite went out!!!!!! So the kids found the OLD........NINTENDO 64!!!!!! How funny is that!!!!! They played it all afternoon. The next few pictures show all the NINTENDO 64 fun from the afternoon!!!!!!

HAHAHA!!!!! Look at that is huge!!!!!!!

Donkey Kong and Mario Party......were the games of the day!!!!!!

Kids and Dempster too.....playing the games!!!!!

Kale kept saying oh my gosh look at how bad these graphics are!!!!! If we would have know how much fun they were going to have with this thing we would have wrapped it up and gave it to them for Christmas!!!!!!

DeCoRaTiNg tHe TrEe......

Saturday was a long day....that was the day I felt the very worst!!!!! It started snowing.....that made me happy!!!!! And it was beginning to look alot like Christmas so we got the tree out and we decorated the tree!!!!! How kids always look at me like I have lost my mind....I love decorating the tree!!!! So when you see the pictures of our tree you have to know that the tree was on clearance last year at Wal-Mart and ALL of the decorations are from the Dollar Tree or from!!!!!! But we think it looks pretty good for a cheap tree!!!!!! And like every other event at our house Troy and Kale have to pick at each other the entire time.....and this time was not any different!!!!!! As you will see in some of the pictures!!!!!!Troy,Delaney, and Taylor decorating the tree......I think Kale was already mad about something at this point!!!!! And we just got started!!!!!

Kale finally joined in!!!!!
And I do apologize for this picture......but it does put a whole new meaning of Christmas tree skirt!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!
Kale was not at all impressed by the "skirt"
And yes......Dempster wanted to help!!!!!

bLaCk fRiDaY.....

OK who all went shopping on black Friday?????????
I really wanted to go...but felt like crap so decided to stay in bed!!!!! So did anybody find any great deals that they could not live without????? I looked at all the ads and really did not see anything that I couldn't live without......but I really wanted to go to watch all the crazy people!!!!

ThAnKsGiViNg dAy...... looks like I have alot of catching up to do.....I caught a bug after Thanksgiving and boy did it kick my butt!!!!! Thanksgiving day we went to my sisters house in Des Moines and spent the day with family and friends to us but we really had a good time....thanks Janine....for the awesome food and for letting us all take over your house......and Michelle....for bringing the friends....hahaha....just kidding!!!! We were in charge of bringing snacks and games!!!! How easy is that???? So while I was making snacks that morning Kale decided to help...he made chocolate chip cookies.....the premade ones that you brake apart. I went to the other room(to watch some of the Thanksgiving Day parade.....the kids HATE watching it....I love it....that's what we did when we were kids....did you?) for a second and when I came back to the kitchen this is what I saw........

Kale and Dempster waiting for the cookies to bake.....oh boy it might be a long day!!!!!! But the day turned out great....we ate lots and lots of food, played was our first time playing apples to apples.....I thought it was alot of fun......and we have to play jenga!!!!! My sister Michelle and Dave playing apples to apples.And look at this crazy game of is always amazing to me....look at that!!!!!!
Shaky McShakerson skipped out on the jenga game to take a nap!!!!!! I should tell you Shaky has a name......Todd....but I like Shaky!!!!!!