Thursday, December 4, 2008


Taylor was invited to a leadership conference today in Des Moines. They took 14 kids from our school and she was one of the few who got to attend.....I was pretty proud of that fact!!!!
I think she said there were over 600 kids total and they split off into groups to do activities and also did activities as a large group. I have to say when she got home she was really pumped up...she said she got to meet alot of kids that she would have otherwise never ever had the chance to meet. And the very most important thing she said was......."It made me realize that no matter how bad I think I have there are alot of other kids who have it really bad" problems,death,divorce and the list goes on. But she loved it and I was soooo happy that she really got into it and took alot away from it!!!!! She is an awesome kid and I know as parents we sometimes forget to stop and take a second to think about how good they really are......even if their room is a mess!!!!!hahaha!!! We love you Taylor and are very proud of everything you do!!!!!

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Princess S said...

When are you running for President....I will vote for you!!!! Way to go Beautiful!!!