Saturday, February 28, 2009

GiRLz NiTe....

Marti, Tricia, Lisa, and Lee

Lee, Tricia, Marti, Me, and Lisa

Ok...last nite was my girls nite out with some friends that I ran around with after highschool!!!
I do not remeber the last time I had talked to any of when I got on facebook.....guess what!!!!! I found a ton of people from back in the day!!!!!!
So we planned a little get together to talk about old times......if only I could remeber as much as some of them do about the "old times".  But I had a blast talking, laughing......and eating!!!!!
One drink for me early on......but I had to be up by 6:00 a.m. this morning to take Kale to I decided it would be best I do the driving!!!!!!! I just have a couple of pictures from last nite....but just want to say thanks ladies for a fun evening....we will have to do it again sometime soon!!!!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

bLoGgEr...... I sit wondering what the heck is going on!!!!!!
Why is blogger so messed up these days?????
Everyday when I get on here it is something different!!!!
Today on my shows I am not following any blogs!!!
~Do I need to go back and add all of these again?????~
Yesterday it said I did not have any followers!!!!!!
~Today they are back?!!??!?!~
Not that I have alot of followers.....but I want to keep the ones I have!!!!! posts will not show up!!!!
I know I am not the only person who is complaining about this......... there anything I can be doing to change this???????? it BLOGGERS issue.......and I have to patient!?!?!?
~I am not very good at that!!!!!~
I know this is not going to help anything......but it does make me feel better!!!!
So...I am sorry you all had to hear me have a temper tantrum right here on my blog!!!
So I do want to say I am very sorry for acting like I am 2 about this!!!!!!!
But it is very ANNOYING!!!!!!!
~OK......just get over it!!!!!!~

On a happier note......
make sure you go down to my pay it forward post and join in the fun!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!
I am off to dinner with some girl friends tonite!!!!!!
~Looking very forward to that......~
I have not been out with these girls for?????
oh could be a late nite.......
and I have to go to bed early most of the time!!!!!
I better take a nap today......
oh I can' much to do!!!!!!
~Just hang in there it is girls'll be fine!!!~

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pAy iT fOrWaRd......

OK here is how it works......
The first three bloggers to leave a comment....
will get a handmade gift from me sometime this year!!!!!

Here is how you pay it forward.....
you then post this on your blog so that three people
can leave you a comment and that you send them a handmade gift!!!
The gift needs to be handmade.....
any price you want......
and has to be sent out sometime this year!!!!!
it is the thought that counts!!!!!!
And when you recieve your gift make sure you blog about it!!!!
who wants to pay it forward?????
Who will be the first three to leave a comment?????
Have fun!!!!!
I just about forgot.....I got this idea from here....go check her out!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have a question for all of you!!!!
What would a person use these 3 items for?
What are they???  Let's see the decoy(duck), flashlight/radio(yellow thing), and a plastic piece from a package of green army men.
And I guess I have 2 questions.
What would a 12 year old boy do with them????
I am not sure what he does with them other than plays some sort of army stuff...(not at all sure about the duck!!!!!)
So to make a long story short when he brought down his basket of dirty clothes.....and no he did not do this with out being told!!!!!!
I found all of these things in with his dirty clothes!!!!
WEIRD??? YES!!!!
So I politely put them back in the basket and set it at the bottom of the stairs for him to take back to his room.
The next day he went to grab the basket....looked in it.......looks at me with a strange look on his face.......AND SAYS........
"why did you put all of this stuff in my basket???"
My reply was...."um I did not put them in there you must have when you "cleaned" your room."
He looked at me again and says..."ok".......
Oh my goodness!!!!!!
You gotta love them!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

tHe dArE.....

Ok friends.....I really feel the need to share this with you!!!!!
I have a new blog friend....I just met her and she just started a new daily post called 
She watched the movie 
I have not watched it......have any of you?????
And I think she said the book is called THE LOVE DARE
Anyway each post is about reconnecting with your just very small ways but when you put them all together.....(40 days I think) there should be a change!!!!!
She has just started, tomorrow will just be day 4 so go check it out.....
I have tried far I am doing ok!!!!!
It is not about making those around you change it is about making yourself a better person!!!!
I just really found it interesting.....and I think it would probably be good for all of us
I know I take things for granted......DAILY!!!!!!!
It just feels good to do things for others!!!! 
So stop by and give GEORGIE some {hearts}
Thanks Georgie!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have just been cRaZeE......I have wanted to post about this but in no way did I want to jinx our team.....I know weird right!??!!?!!

Our girls basketball team ended regular season play with an 8-13 record.  Not a great outlook going into tournament play for them!!!!  Their record did not really give them any my opinion anyway!!!! I thought they played really hard this year!!!!! And most of the games that they lost they only got beat by just a few points!!! So having said that I just want to say AWESOME job this year ladies!!!!! 

 We started tournament play on February 12th. I am going to assume that we were not expected to win(this team beat us both times in regular season play)......but we OT by 1 point!!!!! Oh my was a great game but my goodness I was a wreck by the time it was over!!!!! So that meant we got to move on to the next round.
  We got to play again on February 17th....once again they played awesome. My opinion was that Taylor probably played THE best game I have watched her play....don't get me wrong they all played well and Laney had some really good plays too but this was Taylor's nite to shine(my opinion only).....but once again we went into OT.....the our favor AGAIN!!!! Oh my goodness these OT's are going to wear me out!!!! (oh and probably the girls too!!haha!!!) So everybody was so excited for them...ya know when you have a crappy year and everybody just gets kind of down and you don't get a big crowd to come watch and nobody is expecting you to do very well.....and then you do....that is AWESOME!!!! We are going to show them!!!!!
  Next game Friday, February 20th....this is the team we want to play, we have a good chance to win even though they have beat us twice in regular season play....I know we can win!!!!
We get there that nite and I am just so excited and nervous for them!!!! Poor Laney...."the freshman" has to start.....she is a wreck!!!! The regular starter had to have surgery on her hand.
My advice to her was to just go out there and do what you know how to basketball, give it your all, and most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!! And she did.....the first half she was one of the leading scorers and she hustled her little....(and I do mean little) behind off.....they were winning and everything was great our team looked like a million bucks....better than they had played all year!!!!!(once again my opinion only!!) HALFTIME!!!! They came out in the 3rd quarter and I think only scored 1 point.....needless to say the other team scored more than one!!!!
 So we knew the 4th quarter was going to be crazy!!!!!! I thought oh no not another OT.....but if that is our "good luck charm" then let's do it ladies!!!! Our 4th quarter was better but not great so the out come of this game........was NOT in our favor this time!!!!! But we are so proud of our team and sooooooo proud of Taylor and Laney for working so hard this year. It was so fun to be able to watch both of them play together as a team this year!!!!!! So let's hope this year was just a warm up for what next year is going to bring!!!!!!

I do want to say I am sorry for not having pictures to post but it is so hard trying to watch those kinds of games and try to hold a camera still for a fast moving shot!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

tHe dReSs.....

Today was the big shopping day!!!!!
We were shopping for just the right prom dress.
Taylor found "the" dress at the first store.......
but I am a I thought we needed to shop around.
The second store was just crazy...alot of dresses.......
and alot of people.....put those 2 things together......
and it was not much fun!!!!!
So we went back to the first store to get the one she liked!!!!
I am not sure if she wants you to see yet and I forgot to take a 
picture so we will not be sharing the pictures tonite!!!!!
I know.......DUH!!!!! I took the camera but forgot to take a picture!!!!
So the only clue's red!!!!!
I am sure you figured that out.....ya know........because my post is in red!!!!!
So maybe I will get you a picture...but only if Taylor is ok with me sharing it!!!!
Now we are on the hunt for just the right shoes and jewelry......hhmm!!!! see if this will work to take a little peek at the dress.
It is the red dress.....#5.
So what do you think?????
Her dad said "WHAT" when I told him it was short.
We did see some he would have really freaked out about sooooo....
SHORT is not so bad!!!!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tonite our high school boys played the first game in the regional basketball tournament.  So the girls team decided to do a little something to show their school spirit....they looked great, cheered loud, and had fun!!!!!!  The boys lost but I think the girls had fun and it was nice to see their school spirit!!!!!  AWESOME job ladies!!!!!
Jo & Taylor

 The girls team

 Taylor, Mallie & Dani

Monday, February 16, 2009

i SpY......

I think I told all of you that I lost....or misplaced my camera.
I have been without it for way to long.....I had even looked at a few new cameras to take the place of my old one.  I was talking on the phone the other day and looked up to look out the window you see it?????
Up in the very right hand corner of the picture???
That is my camera...the one I have looked and looked for!!!!!!
Right in front of {our} eyes!!!!!!!
Ha Ha....I was not the only one who did not see it!!!!!!
I am not going to be the only crazy one living in this house!!!!! :0)
{We} set at the computer desk EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!
Way to funny!!!!!!
So I am hoping to find all the other things that I have...misplaced!!!!!
And that is our new computer!!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!
Look at the little tiny key board.....
And we love the big screen!!!!!!!
Anyhoo.....I am just happy I do not have to buy and new camera!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

aNd ThE WiNnEr iS..........

And the winner is............
So Rachel if you would like to send me an e-mail with your name and address I will get your little gift in the mail!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who played along!!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was leaving a comment this morning on a blog......and this is the word that came up on the word verification........redless......what in the world!!!! It just struck me as funny!!!! And should I put the word in red?????  Because it is to me that means it is not red?!?!?!?!!?
For a long time I kept track of the words in the word verification...and was going to post them and now I can not find the list, my camera, and my notebook for my after prom meetings!!!!  And everything else that I can't find that I have forgot about!!!! Anyway......none of this is really making much sense to most of you I am sure.  So my point you read the words in the word verification and think......what the heck????? I have lost my rolling pin.......that comes in very handy when you are trying to make Valentine cookies for your child to take to school!!!!!  Had to borrow one!!!!!
One of the comments I got about the word verification was that she tried to come up with a definition for the words!!!!!!  HAHA!!! That is funny thanks Kelley!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


100th Post!!!!!!

Well this is my 100th post.  This is not how I had planned on it to look......but we got a new computer and I have some how lost my this is all you get!!!!!!  We have been really busy with the kids the last 2 months but it looks like things will start slowing down for a bit so I hope that I can have some time to figure out how to work this crazy computer!!!!!
But anyway I thought I would do a little give 100th post and I got a new computer so I could do something for you!!!!!  Now it is going to be little...not sure what but just a small token to tell you all thanks for ready and for making this so much fun for me!!!!!!
So all of you who read but do not leave a comment(friends and family)....make sure you leave a little comment so that I know you were here and I will put your names in the hat and draw on Sunday, February 15th at 10:00 P.M.(central time)
How does that sound to all of you?!!?!??!!?
I look forward to seeing all of your comments!!!!!!