Monday, February 23, 2009

tHe dArE.....

Ok friends.....I really feel the need to share this with you!!!!!
I have a new blog friend....I just met her and she just started a new daily post called 
She watched the movie 
I have not watched it......have any of you?????
And I think she said the book is called THE LOVE DARE
Anyway each post is about reconnecting with your just very small ways but when you put them all together.....(40 days I think) there should be a change!!!!!
She has just started, tomorrow will just be day 4 so go check it out.....
I have tried far I am doing ok!!!!!
It is not about making those around you change it is about making yourself a better person!!!!
I just really found it interesting.....and I think it would probably be good for all of us
I know I take things for granted......DAILY!!!!!!!
It just feels good to do things for others!!!! 
So stop by and give GEORGIE some {hearts}
Thanks Georgie!!!!!


♥georgie♥ said...

awwww Mel Thanks for your kind words!
I am very hopeful...

Princess S said...

I keep picking that book up but haven't bought it yet.....I will check it out. You are right.....instead of trying to change everyone else we need to worry about ourselves.