Friday, February 27, 2009

bLoGgEr...... I sit wondering what the heck is going on!!!!!!
Why is blogger so messed up these days?????
Everyday when I get on here it is something different!!!!
Today on my shows I am not following any blogs!!!
~Do I need to go back and add all of these again?????~
Yesterday it said I did not have any followers!!!!!!
~Today they are back?!!??!?!~
Not that I have alot of followers.....but I want to keep the ones I have!!!!! posts will not show up!!!!
I know I am not the only person who is complaining about this......... there anything I can be doing to change this???????? it BLOGGERS issue.......and I have to patient!?!?!?
~I am not very good at that!!!!!~
I know this is not going to help anything......but it does make me feel better!!!!
So...I am sorry you all had to hear me have a temper tantrum right here on my blog!!!
So I do want to say I am very sorry for acting like I am 2 about this!!!!!!!
But it is very ANNOYING!!!!!!!
~OK......just get over it!!!!!!~

On a happier note......
make sure you go down to my pay it forward post and join in the fun!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!
I am off to dinner with some girl friends tonite!!!!!!
~Looking very forward to that......~
I have not been out with these girls for?????
oh could be a late nite.......
and I have to go to bed early most of the time!!!!!
I better take a nap today......
oh I can' much to do!!!!!!
~Just hang in there it is girls'll be fine!!!~

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!


Funny in my mind said...

I have been hearing a lot of people with blogger problems. Have a great time with your friends, that sounds so fun! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend.

Rachel said...

Blogger does it to me all the time; I am not following any blogs...yeah right. I hit refresh and sometimes they show up sometimes they don't...I then log out and try again UGHHH

Have a fantastic time tonight; wish I was going out with ya!

I got the package; stop by my blog later...thanks so much I LOVE EVERYTHING...your toooo sweet!

Mishelle said...

It's been doing that to me too!'s making me slack on my blog too! Do you think that is a plausible excuse?

quitecontrary1977 said...

I've been having problems with blogger. I can deal with all the weird glitches, but the slow loading makes me want to pull my hair out!

My New 30 said...

Same here - I think it must be growing pains with Google taking over the world and all. :) Seriously though, looks like they are upgrading old Blogger stuff to new Google stuff so I hope that they'll iron things out soon.

BTW, I'm here from SITS commenting on the roll call comment before me, and that was you!

I haven't been out with the girls in ages. Those were fun days! Takes me too long to "recover" now LOL!!

Princess S said...

I haven't had any problems....but I haven't been on in FOREVER!!!! I love that you keep it real my friend!!! I love you just the way you are.....even with the temper tantrums!!!!