Saturday, February 21, 2009

tHe dReSs.....

Today was the big shopping day!!!!!
We were shopping for just the right prom dress.
Taylor found "the" dress at the first store.......
but I am a I thought we needed to shop around.
The second store was just crazy...alot of dresses.......
and alot of people.....put those 2 things together......
and it was not much fun!!!!!
So we went back to the first store to get the one she liked!!!!
I am not sure if she wants you to see yet and I forgot to take a 
picture so we will not be sharing the pictures tonite!!!!!
I know.......DUH!!!!! I took the camera but forgot to take a picture!!!!
So the only clue's red!!!!!
I am sure you figured that out.....ya know........because my post is in red!!!!!
So maybe I will get you a picture...but only if Taylor is ok with me sharing it!!!!
Now we are on the hunt for just the right shoes and jewelry......hhmm!!!! see if this will work to take a little peek at the dress.
It is the red dress.....#5.
So what do you think?????
Her dad said "WHAT" when I told him it was short.
We did see some he would have really freaked out about sooooo....
SHORT is not so bad!!!!!



♥georgie♥ said...

I absolutely LOVE the dress!!!!
okay i am adding you to my blogroll I am lovin your blog!

Rides the whirlwinds and directs the Storms said...

Love it! That is really cute! I think the short ones are really cute I wore a short dress to prom mmmm I think I will have to post a picture!

Geri said...

Cute dress! I think silver strappy sandals and rhinestones - that's what it looks like on the dress.

Princess S said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Red is my favorite color!!!! She is going to look BEAUTIFUL in it!!!!! When is prom...I may need to come up.