Monday, February 16, 2009

i SpY......

I think I told all of you that I lost....or misplaced my camera.
I have been without it for way to long.....I had even looked at a few new cameras to take the place of my old one.  I was talking on the phone the other day and looked up to look out the window you see it?????
Up in the very right hand corner of the picture???
That is my camera...the one I have looked and looked for!!!!!!
Right in front of {our} eyes!!!!!!!
Ha Ha....I was not the only one who did not see it!!!!!!
I am not going to be the only crazy one living in this house!!!!! :0)
{We} set at the computer desk EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!
Way to funny!!!!!!
So I am hoping to find all the other things that I have...misplaced!!!!!
And that is our new computer!!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!!
Look at the little tiny key board.....
And we love the big screen!!!!!!!
Anyhoo.....I am just happy I do not have to buy and new camera!!!!!!!


Rachel said...

Isn't that funny!!! It's right in front of us yet we miss it...happens to the best of us LOL

Rides the whirlwinds and directs the Storms said...

YAY I am so happy you found your camera!!! I hate when it is right in front of your face...LOL! At least you were not the only one who did not see it!

The Wife said...

That's too funny! I have been known to do the same thing. Look and look for something and it's right there in front of me! Glad you found it!

Kim said...

I'm jealous of that computer! I think mine is dying one slow death and I really want MAC - my husband isn't quite as sold on it as I!!

Princess S said...

I am glad you found your camera.....SWEET computer!!!!