Monday, December 29, 2008


I will need to go shopping in the morning for these.......I like to think of myself as agile......but today I think I proved that theory

I got home this afternoon from doing a little shopping with Kale.....we saw shoplifting in progress, the chase and police......that was our first stop......that should have been a clue!!!!
But anyway I went in to tell Troy that a lady at the grocery store had hit our car door....clue #2 that it may not be a good day!!!!! So I asked him to come out and look at we were going out....I started to go down the steps on the deck and somehow the toe of my shoe got hung up on one of the cracks on the deck.....and as it all was taking place I felt like Wile E Coyote falling off the edge of a arms were moving but my foot was I think I am going to catch myself from foot comes loose and down on the concrete I go.....I catch myself with my hands and knees...."oh my gosh" I tell Troy....."I think I fell"!!!!! As we were both laughing....uncontrollably!!!!!! I have some scrapes.....but I will be ok!!!! But now my legs and wrists are a little tender.....I think I am starting to realize I am not as young as I used to be!!!! So that is why I think I better make a trip to the mall tomorrow to check out some protective gear.......40 is starting to show it's ugly side to me and I want to be prepared!!!!!!


Princess S said...

Stop it you are killing me!!!!
I can laugh because that kind of stuff happens to me more often than not.

The DeHeer's said...

Nothing worse than in the moment of the fall thinking "i may be too old to be falling".