Sunday, December 28, 2008


Ok friends.....i do want to say i am very sorry for kind of neglecting my blog lately!!!!!
i am not able to do more than one thing at a time!!!!!! So i will let you in on my new addiction
I know, I know!!!!!!!
How weird is that????? I thought it was just for kids but i have found soooo many friends that i had lost track of from when i was has really been alot of fun!!!!!
So if you want to come over to visit...i will be under
Melissa Kelsey-Jensen
Maybe i will see some of you there!!!!
And i will try to be better at doing 2 things at once!!!
I am going to also blame it on being busy from Christmas!!!!!! I know i can't take all of the blame!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Oh i saw something the other day that you really laugh out loud when you type this?????? I thought that was do you??????


Anonymous said...

I have missed you! Love the family pic! Christmas is getting the blame for everything at my house! The kids are wearing 2 day underwear! And, yes, I do laugh-out-loud as I type LOL! LOL

Princess S said...

I am there with you sister!!! It is a lot of fun getting reconnected with those we have not talked to in many are excused!!! HEE HEE!!

The DeHeer's said...

I just got the Facebook bug too. I just now put a huge post up cuz it has been a few days for me too. I am blaming it on me being excuses just flat out yes i did laugh.