Monday, December 1, 2008

DeCoRaTiNg tHe TrEe......

Saturday was a long day....that was the day I felt the very worst!!!!! It started snowing.....that made me happy!!!!! And it was beginning to look alot like Christmas so we got the tree out and we decorated the tree!!!!! How kids always look at me like I have lost my mind....I love decorating the tree!!!! So when you see the pictures of our tree you have to know that the tree was on clearance last year at Wal-Mart and ALL of the decorations are from the Dollar Tree or from!!!!!! But we think it looks pretty good for a cheap tree!!!!!! And like every other event at our house Troy and Kale have to pick at each other the entire time.....and this time was not any different!!!!!! As you will see in some of the pictures!!!!!!Troy,Delaney, and Taylor decorating the tree......I think Kale was already mad about something at this point!!!!! And we just got started!!!!!

Kale finally joined in!!!!!
And I do apologize for this picture......but it does put a whole new meaning of Christmas tree skirt!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!
Kale was not at all impressed by the "skirt"
And yes......Dempster wanted to help!!!!!


The DeHeer's said...

Nice, don't know if I will ever think of a tree skirt quite the same again!!! Thanks Troy!

Anonymous said...

Love the tree! My tree last year had only copy paper made snow flakes! I wish my kids would like to do the tree thing!

Princess S said...

I think Fort McWood can really pull that skirt off!!!
It looks great.....I din't get much help with the Christmas Decorations.....if there would have been nuts, bolts and power tools to hang on the tree I might have gotten a little more help!!!!