Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday was a big day at our house we had alot going on......varsity basketball, Troy and Kale leaving for the opening day of deer season in Iowa and the guys were going to be gone so I called my friend Steph to see if she wanted to come up and hang out with me and the girls this weekend....and she said.....sure. So the plan was that we all go to the basketball game then Troy and Kale leave after the game to do their guy stuff and us girls were going to hang out all weekend!!!!!!(AWESOME plan!!!) But the plans all changed at about 8:30am!!!!! The school nurse called and said Kale was sick. So off to the school I go to pick him up. As soon as we got home I called Steph to let her know about Kale just in case she did not want to be around the crud!!!! No problem she says....I'll be there!!! Poor the day went by he got a little sicker!!!!(is that a word????) When Troy got home we were talking about Kale and what our plan would be for him to try to go on Saturday....I thought he was sleeping......but from under the blankets I hear a muffled "oh I am going" but we thought it was best he stay home tonite and see how he felt on Saturday....he didn't like it but that was the only plan I gave him!!!!!
So Steph and I stayed home with Kale and did not get to go to the game......and wouldn't you know it.......Taylor was leading scorer with 16 points!!!!!! I was so disappointed I did not get to see it!!!!!! Great job Taylor!!!!!! As for the team.....we 19 points.......not a good nite!!!!!

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Princess S said...

Way to go Taylor "Jordan" Jensen!!! I wish we could have seen your Mad Skilz......maybe next time....Kale must have been sick....he didn't ask to play spoons...not even once!!!