Saturday, September 13, 2008

DaRn HaWkEyE fAnS!!!!!

Well it was not our(IOWA STATE) year!!!! The interstate rivalry.....IOWA HAWKEYES and the IOWA STATE CYCLONES had their yearly game and the IOWA HAWKEYES win this year 17-5. Everybody at my house is a HAWKEYE fan and my sister Michelle graduated from IOWA STATE so I always feel like I need to cheer for them......and the fact that it drives Kale absolutely CRAZY that I cheer for IOWA STATE makes it all the better....he took it all in stride this year because his team won!!!!! But I am pretty sure Aunt Shell did not take it all so well!!!! We went to Troy's brother Jay's house for the game and SNACKS.....can never forget the snacks! I took a few pictures of the HAWKEYE fans so that they can have all the glory this year......I suppose we were not very nice to them last year so this year can be theirs!!!!!
This is for all the IOWA STATE fans who had hope!!!!!
And the ever so proud HAWKEYE fans!!!
If you can not tell by the picture.....HAWKEYE fans are NEVER obnoxious!!!!!
And have to let them have a victory picture too!!!!


Princess S said...

I am with you sista....Go Cyclones!!!!

Kim said...

That wig - HA!!!