Monday, September 1, 2008


I just want to start off by saying that I like animals and I like being outdoors and in "nature". But when I have to share my living space with them that is where I have to draw the line!!!! When I got up with the dog this morning at 6:30....much earlier than I had planned....I couldn't really go back to sleep because I had to keep an eye on's like having a baby!!! So I got in the shower and got dressed and ready to face whatever the day had to send my way!!! Troy had to go to his office for a couple of hours to do some paper work so I thought I could get some cleaning done......So when the kids got up, ate, and got out of the shower I decided by the way my dirty clothes pile looked I better start there I got everything sorted and put in the basket and off to the basement I go to the washing machine.....I set the basket down, stand up ready to turn the knob on the washer and right in front of me on the wall........NATURE!!!!!!! Now this is not the first time we have had "nature" in our house but none the less it FREAKS me out......I ran up stairs and had huge goose bumps all over my arms. Now what am I going to do.....I have to wait until Troy gets home......but that could be an hour or LONGER!!!! And what if "nature" wakes up??? Not that doing laundry is my favorite thing but I need to get it done. I keep going to the bottom of the stairs to make sure "nature" is still there. And finally Troy gets home.....I tell him, he goes to look at "nature" and he likes it about as much as I do.....but he had to eat a sandwich for lunch first.....I had to be ok with that because I am at his mercy at this point because the only answer to the problem for me was to MOVE.....he thought maybe I was being a bit out of line!!!! So after lunch he says he needs me to help him catch "nature" I think holy cow I can't do this.....but all I had to do is hand him these "GOFER" things like tweezers with a long handle.....I did my job and RAN up the stairs as fast as I could......and he got rid of "nature". He's my hero!!!!!! Please tell me you all know what I am talking about....if not take a close look at the picture below!!!!!!! This thing was almost eye level with me when I turned around to start the washing machine!!!!! Hanging there just sleeping away.....Yuck it just freaks me out looking at the picture. If you can not tell by the picture it is a B-A-T. That is another time we had a bat and Troy spelled it out like the kids wouldn't know what he was saying if he spelled it......I think you can spell bat in preschool!!!! Anyway it is gone!!!!


Jenny said...

He seriously ate lunch first? I probably would have been moved out by the time my hubby got home! lol

Princess S said...

Hw just wanted to be your friend!!!