Sunday, October 12, 2008

PrO WrEsTLiNg??????

ok....i have done some pretty strange things in my life....but i think maybe last nite was pretty high on my "strange things i have done" list!!!!! Milo is a little town about half an hour from our house and they were having a "pro wrestling"........SHOW???? if that is what we want to call it. Troy has some family involved in the production of this but i will not list names because i am not sure of the legalities of all of it!!!!! and i do NOT want to blow anybodies.....cover or stage name!!!! but i have to say it was quite is a group of guys doing "pro wrestling" as a hobby......i would think it is a hobby.......but it is crazy and it really made us LAUGH!!!!!! and i hope that was ok to laugh!!!!! Kale LOVES it....and really gets into i am sure any 12 year old boy would!!!! but they introduce each guy before their match with each having their own song to walk into(what song would you give yourself if you were going to be a pro wrestler???) they come out in their own way.....some have a crazy outfit and some just normal......some are good guys and some the crowd hates!!!!! it is called Adrenaline Pro Wrestling if you want to take a look....if any of you are in this area i think they will be in Milo in November....not sure of a date or time........but i will guarantee you will be entertained!!!!! and yes i did take pictures for you all to see!!!

Marcus a little speech before it all started......he became the new commissioner. what ever that means!!!!!
The match between Jeremy Jacobs the "champ" and Marcus Holiday....the contender for the "BELT
Marcus Holiday won the match and is now the APW champion!!!!!!
This is Mono Loco in his match......i do not know all the names i am looking at the program they give you.
This is "the love panther"........he lost his match taking on "the freight train of funk".
Flying through the air is "the new sensation" Clint Avalation.
"Insane Steve" could i leave him out!!!!
And we will not leave "Krazy Karl" out..........aren't they interesting!?!??!?!?!
Oh and "Sensation of Imitation" Mike have to love the green hair.......but how can you not love all of the hair choices from tonite!!!!! So....for the most part it was a VERY interesting experience for me and the girls......Troy and Kale had been to watch before but we all had a good time and will probably go again so if anybody wants to go i will let you know a date and time!!!!


The DeHeer's said...

They used to have something like this, however it was in BUSSEY!!! It was very interesting indeed. Brooks and Todd Lawler were "security" hey he got a fancy t-shirt out of the deal...what a laugh though.

Princess S said...

Sign me up....what would my wrestling name be???? Princess Love Kitten....Oh wait....I think that is my centerfold name!!