Thursday, November 13, 2008

aAwWwW....hE's So cUtE

Just a quick Demster update....I would like to show you some of his favorite things to chew on.....TP.....not sure why he likes TP....but he least it is clean!!!!! My favorite little metal bulldog my friend Steph got me for my birthday.....he loves to grind his little teeth on that thing.....and I will tell you it is like finger nails on a chalk board......yikes it about sends me over the edge!!!!! And I don't have far to go some days!!!!! Oh and picture #3....that is my little stool that is in the kitchen.....why does he have to chew on MY stuff!?!??!?!!? And the next 2....well I sometimes wonder what this dog is thinking......his favorite chewing ROCK!!!!!! DUH....I really think that is enough said.....a ROCK people!!!!!! And there are plenty of other things around the house that he has claimed as his that I did not take pictures of just because as I was taking pictures I could not believe all the stuff that had "puppy marks" on them!!!!!! But.....I still think he is the cutest little guys in the world!!!!!!
So here is my question.......why does he want to chew on all of my stuff when I went out and bought him all kinds of toys of his very own......including this $20 round blue inter tube like thing that is NEVER suppose to fall apart???????Look at it......what is not to like about this thing?????


Princess S said...

He is soooooo cute!!! I love to scratch his belly and kiss his snout!!! I won't forget Miss Bently either...she is a little love bug!!!!

The DeHeer's said...

Well, my dog chewed on my woodwork around the front windows, the footboard to my bed and the front deck? Also, we used to have lattice around the bottom of the deck and as you can see it is now gone! He had one entire piece of it gone before we noticed!!!