Friday, November 7, 2008

LeT iT sNoW, LeT iT sNoW, LeT iT sNoW

First things snowed there isn't any on the ground but it did snow!!!! And that counts for something.....I think.....there is still a little on the deck.......I should have taken a picture for proof!!!!!! I love the snow!!!!! With Troy's new job at the school he is not looking forward to snow at all.....getting up at 3am to go drive the roads to see if the roads are safe for the busses to go out on......the kids are looking forward to a few snow days at school from dear old dad...hope that works out for them!!!!! Oh I wanted to put the Christmas tree up today after it started snowing.....but decided maybe I better wait until Thanksgiving is over. What is it....about 6 weeks until Christmas????? Wow now that is exciting!!! Have you all started your shopping????? Or just your lists!?!??! My kids are so sick of me asking if they are going to make a I am really sorry family....I am trying to get the lists started!!!!


Princess S said...

I LOVE SNOW!!!!! I can't wait for the first snow down here....I hope I am home and I get to bake!!!!

Rachel said...

I wanted to put my tree up too! Can't in the snow for me...we will definately not have any in FL. BTW what is the name of your bulldog? Soooo adorable. They are the best dogs ever aren't they!

missy said...

hey and dempster are the bullies names!! they ARE the best dogs EVER!!!! and i will try to post more pictures of all the snow when we get it this winter!!!! i wish i could send you some for christmas!!!!! :0)