Sunday, November 16, 2008

ThAt'S a Rap.....'s been I have some catching up to do!!!! So i am going to do a quick version of most of it because basketball games start this week and i know i will get behind real quick if i try to make more than one post out of all of this!!!! So i will start with last Thursday.....the girls had their Cross Country was very laid back....i liked that....pot luck....EASY!!!! Again...i like that too!!! But getting to the point here....they both lettered, they both made the all conference team and Taylor was voted(by her team mates) the most valuable runner and got a plaque and everything!!!!! COOL!!!! They both had a really good year and made some really good friends and that is what we like about them going to a different school to run....that they get to meet new people and get to use that experience later in life!!!!! And Laney even met a boy......but they are just "friends" she says!!!!! haha!!!! This the picture of all the people who made the all conference team!!!!! Good job everybody!!!! And we also want to say thanks to coach Miller and the entire team for letting the girls run with you this year and hope to see you next year!!!! And AWESOME job Taylor and Delaney....we are sooooooo proud of both of you!!!!! Then on Friday up to the elementary school we go......the 6th grade class every year makes posters for a contest that the Lions club has....the theme was Peace Begins With is an International contest and each local group picks 3 posters from our school for a first, second, and third place......each of the three places get a check and a certificate and only the first place poster moves on to a district level to be judged. Kale got third place, his friend Al got second place, and one of the girls get first......they display the posters in the local bank for 2 weeks and the first place poster goes on in the competition......good luck "K"!!!!!

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Princess S said...

You guys are so AWESOME!!!! Way to go Kids!!! Thanks for the hospitality this weekend and I look forward to seeing any progress on Fort McWood Next time....I am not talking to you Troy!!!! Have a Great Week...I miss you ALL!!!!