Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 yEaR.....

Troy has been at his new job for 1 year today!!!!!!!
It has been quite an adjustment for him and LOTS of head aches, late nites, early morning phone calls, and a TON of things to fix!!!!!!!!
But I think you have done an AWESOME job Troy......keep up the great work!!!!!!
Your family loves you.......{even though we see you less than we used to!!!}
And the icing on the cake is.......he coached the Jr. Hi. girls track team....that takes alot of ____.
{you all can fill in the blank}
Men really do not understand 13 and 14 year old girls.......lets say he thinks they talk ALOT!!!!!!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Hahaha just a wee bit.

Jenny said...

LOL! That is awesome that he had the opportunity to coach the team.

Congrats on the anniversary of Troy's new job!

Princess S said...

Way to go TROY!!!!
Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!!!!