Thursday, February 4, 2010

sEniOr NiTe.....


Tuesday nite(Feb.2nd I'm a little slow) was senior nite for our last home game. Taylor has played basketball or any sport with this group of girls from the time they started school. They are a great group of girls!!!!!!
And I have to say......Taylor had and AWESOME nite!!!!! She scored 24 points!!!!! wOoOhOoO!!
And 3 of those 24 points came with 1 second left on the clock at the end of the quarter and she gave it a toss from way behind the half court line.......and it went in!!!!! It was amazing!!!!! This was her career high!! Great job Taylor!! And I have to say as a team it was a fun game to watch, everybody had a really good nite!!! You can go here to read a story about the game.

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