Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BeNtLeY's nEw ToY......

On Monday when we went school shopping we could not leave the precious little Bentley bulldog we found her a toy. I need to tell you that every toy that she gets she destroys it. We usually get those big cotton ropes with the big knot in it and at most it might last a week....I always see on the tag that there is a's a dog toy for goodness sakes why would I need that I have always thought....guess what I should have taken them up on it!!!! So anyway we find this toy with nylon ropes on it......aaahhhh hhaaaa!!!! I say to myself she will never destroy this one so we buy it. We take it home to Bentley and she immediately takes it and just LOVES it....I laugh to my self thinking we have found the perfect toy.....but I do know that she only sees it as a challenge!!! As I get busy around the house about a half an hour later I check on her and her new toy and much to my surprise........this is what I see!!!!!
She has out-smarted me AGAIN!!!!! In less than 30 minutes she has DESTROYED yet another toy!!!! And then she looks at us like she has no idea why we are looking at her!!! So now my quest is.....once again to find a toy that she can not destroy!!! So if any of you have any suggestions please, please, please let me know.......I will gladly take any help I can get!!!!

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Princess S said...

She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!