Friday, August 15, 2008


Yikes!!!!!! When I started my blog...the goal I set for myself was to post a blog everynite....big or small.....but I have missed 2 days so I have set out once again to get on here every nite!!! I do not want to bore you but this is my way of trying to keep all of you on the same page...we all have busy lives and there are times we don't get home from the kids' activities in time to call this is my answer...this is my gift to all of I will do my best to keep you all updated and include pictures from time to time!!!!

Tonite we(Troy,Delaney, and I) went out to eat with my mother-in-law and father-in-law to Williamson Tap....home of the papa burger!!! The papa burger is a hamburger or cheese burger the size of a dinner plate.....and people do eat the entire thing from time to time!!!! Kale(age 11) ate one the last time we there!!! WOW!! It is not world famous but a good place to eat....if you don't mind a very small place and by no means is it can play your favorite music on the juke box, play a game of pool, and buy just about anything you may need at home.....combs, dish soap, and I think you get the idea......and it is inexpensive!!!! You have to be ok with that!!! Troy ALWAYS gets chicken livers......I do not know what they taste like nor do I want to must be an acquired taste....and it must run in the family because guess what....his mother ordered them too......and they LOVED them!!!! I usually do not live on the edge when it comes to my food....I find something I like and that is usually what I order every time I go out to eat.......Laney and I eat alot alike......never living on the edge!!!! But the best thing of all was that Iowa went to a no smoking we could eat without having that smell in the air and on our clothes when we left!!!

Taylor and Kale were off being social butterflies tonite so missed out on the Williamson experience!!!!

Oh.....I just about forgot to tell you....last nite we were at the fair.....yes AGAIN!!!! We went to a concert.....the group HAIRBALL was playing on the A.E. free stage.....Hairball is a group that plays all 80's songs and dress the parts of many of the lead was very interesting we did not stay for the entire thing the kids were kind of looking at us like we were some of the strangest people they had ever laid eyes we all moved on!!! But next year if any of you 80's people are up for it I think we are going to try it again.....with out children!!!! So put it down in your day planner for next year in August......HAIRBALL LIVE!!!!!! You may be able to google them i am not sure.....haven't tried yet.


jacquelyn said...

Love your blog!! Count me in on the next Hairball concert, sounds like a blast (from the past)!

Princess S said...

You bet I am ready for some HAIRBALL....other than the ones lurking under my couch. Here is Hairballs MySpace page I have my hair teased and sprayed, my black eyeliner on, the spandex is wrapped aroud my body like sausage casing and I have my I love Tesla shirt....Let's Rock!!!!