Saturday, August 16, 2008

NoSe HaiR......

Well I have to talk about our son Kale tonite........I am not sure where to start. You can not help but love the child but there are days when you just want squeeze him into a million pieces!!!
Fun-loving and full of a million questions....he is 11 and soon to be as a boy he is at that point in his life when he is not a little kid but is not old enough to hang out with the teenagers but I think he is at the age when his body is starting to I was taking him to a friends house for a birthday party....I was driving and he was in the passengers he put down the sun visor and opened the mirror and was really taking a close look at his face...after a bit he looks at me and says......for being only 11 I sure do have alot of hair in my nose!!!!!!!! Now as a mother I am not sure what to say at this I reply with.....everybody has hair in their nose.....and his answer was no mom I really have ALOT of hair....more than most people!!!!!!
So once again I am looking for some parenting advice.......where is this going????? What is it that he is wanting me to say??? Troy just laughs at me!!!! I am guessing that alot of hair is a good thing......I know him and a friend were so excited when Alex had 4 armpit hairs!!!!! Very interesting to me and I wonder who counted those 4 hairs???? Life with boys.....never boring I guess!!!!

And one last quick note.....we just got done watching Michael Phelps from the USA win his 8th GOLD MEDAL in the Olympics....WOW is that AWESOME or what!!!! I love watching his mother while he is swimming....they have an amazing story!!! Oh and you can buy a copy of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics for $29.99 on I think that is the right place!!!! Good nite to you all!!!!

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Princess S said...

I Love It!!!!! I thought I only wanted girls....boy I would have missed out on some great times if I didn't have my boy!!! Kale is such an Awesome kid as are the girls....they are my spoons friends!!! I can't wait to hear about what else he finds....or maybe I can...HAHAHAHAHAH!!!