Sunday, August 31, 2008

HaNgiN' oUt WiTh ThE FaMiLy...

On Saturday we had a family "hang out" day with Troy's two brothers and their families. I am not going to start out by trying to explain the family tree so for now we are staying simple....Troy says it is more like a family bush rather than a tree!!!! So for this time it is pretty simple.....2 brothers and families!!! We went down to Amanda's (sister-in-law) grandfather's farm and rode 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and sat around under the shade tree and really had an AWESOME day!!!! This is the break down of the family who went.....Troy(the oldest) and all of us, Jay(middle child), Trae, and 2 boys....Jacoby and Dylan, and Brad(youngest child), Amanda, and two kiddos....Jayden and Kenton...oh and Amanda's 2 nephews...Bradley and Bryce. So there were 15 of us WOW!!! It was just a great day of hangin' out and all of the kids and adults too had alot of fun riding all over on many acres of land. So today I will just have more of a photo blog rather than me rambling on and on.
Troy, Trae, and Jay getting ready to go...loading 4 wheelers and dirt bikes into the trailer.
Dylan and Taylor hanging out before we left. Taylor is definitely stylin' in her new sunglasses....I think we wore ones that looked like that in the 80's?!?!?!?!
Dylan riding his little dirt bike.....he looked so cute in all of his "stuff" riding that thing!!!!!!
Taylor, Delaney, And Jayden taking off on the 4 wheeler.....and Taylor is still looking as cool as ever in her shades!!!!!!
Kale is riding the dirt bike that Jay and Trae had.....this is like the one he is saving his money to that worked out was kind of a "test drive" for him!!!! And he did really good!!!!
Kenton made one ride with his mom and fell asleep less than half way into the ride so this is where he spent most of his afternoon....on a blanket in the shade.....doesn't sound so bad to me!!!!
This is where city meets country.......Jacoby has to take a little time out from riding to do a little texting.....this cracked me up!!!!
Brad taking a spin on the little dirt bike.....doesn't look to comfy?!?!!?
Taylor also thought she needed to test drive the little dirt bike....she doesn't look so bad...kinda' cute!!!!
Trae and Brad getting ready for take off!!!
Amanda thought it had been awhile since she had rode a dirt bike so Jay was giving her a little advice....not sure if it was helpful or not but none the less it was given!!!!!
I know they both are very cute.....BUT I just can not help but think that they may be up to something????? Or maybe just a little girl talk who's to say?!?!?!?!
And we had to have a group shot at the end of the day......not my photo so it is a ways away...but there we all are. Everybody had fun and I think we all slept very, very good last nite!!!

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jacquelyn said...

Looks like my family! We all love to ride dirt bikes & 4-wheelers! What a blast!