Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok...just a quick update on DEMSTER. I was way off on his weight I said 10 or 12 pounds.....more like 19 pounds!!!! That is at 11 weeks old I think he is going to be a big boy!!! And we have had several people ask about the name....Troy is a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan so I suggested Wrigley(the name of the field the Cubs play on) for a name but there are some people here in town that have a dog with that name so that was out..... so he suggested Demster....after a pitcher for the Cubs....Ryan Demster. So there you have it. Him and Bentley are getting along alot better....I think he has figured out she is his sister .....not his girlfriend......FINALLY!!!!! He is just the funniest thing ever.....he has absolutely no sense of urgency!!!!!! It is amazing!!!

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Anonymous said...

OH he's just adorable!! A dog just completes a family, hugh? We'd love to get a dog, but will wait until the baby is a little older!!