Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'vE gOt ThE MuSiC iN mE...oR nOt???? our school district we start "band" in the 5th grade. So last year Kale was in 5th grade and did not want anything to do with band.....we were ok with that because we had been through many instruments with the girls and after 8th grade they were no longer interested. So now today out of the blue.....he brings home this giant instrument.....the Baritone????? Him and the instrument had to get a ride home because it was to heavy for him to carry.....clue one: if your instrument is to heavy.....don't play it!!!!! Now he is the only kid in the band that will be playing this instrument mind you.....this is the kid who HATES to go to the Christmas concert because he does not like getting up in front of people to sing....and who also did not go to his vacation bible school program because he did not want to sing in front of everybody!!!!!(just this summer!!!) But yet he is going to play this giant instrument that may draw some attention to him?!?!?!?!?! So we had family instrument nite tonite!!!!! The girls brought out the instruments out of the closets to see if he liked any of them. Kale playing instrument #1.....the Baritone. Ummmm not sure what to say...he may need to practice and it is really heavy!!!!!
Kale playing instrument #2.....Alto sax. Not bad...kind of squeaky from time to time!!!!
Kale playing instrument #3....drums.....I like the drums not sure if he has the drummer wrists but that is my choice!!!!
Taylor is giving Kale some drum lessons while Delaney takes it all in and ready to play along on the sax as soon as they are ready!!!!!
Taylor and Kale playing a little tune....or maybe that should be a little.....out of tune?????? But very entertaining none the less!!!!!

When Delaney took her turn trying the Baritone....I think maybe Taylor is trying to tell her something......not sure but I think that is what that look is saying!!!!! So after the "music nite" I think we are still back at the very beginning......why does he really want to do band if he does not like to get up in front of a crowd??????? Did anybody count how many times I used the word....instrument?????hahahaha!!!!

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Princess S said...

I Love IT!!!!! You get down with your badself Kale!!!! I can't wait for the a concert the next time I am up.