Sunday, August 24, 2008

oUr NeW ArRiVaL

As some of you may know we have been on the hunt for a new baby bulldog for quite some time at our house.....web site after web site, email after email, and phone call after phone call, we finally found the perfect little boy in Worthington, Minnesota. So on Saturday morning we got up and waited for the phone call from Stacey and Michelle (the couple who raised bullies).....finally around 9a.m. we get the call letting us know that they will be there so that we can come to look, so by 9:30a.m. we are on our way. So what I think is going to be a 3 1/2 hour trip turns out to be a 4 1/2 hour trip and a half an hour stop to look at puppies is more like an hour and a half stop to look at puppies. So when we get there Michelle is not there and her husband Stacey is and they have 2 male puppies and I had one picked out and Troy liked the other(on the Internet) so he gets them out and the one I liked was a wild man and was VERY naughty so we decided to take the calm one and be on our way. Since we had been in the car all day we were just ready to get home to a 1st birthday away we go with this cute little boy. We finally get home after a very long day of 11 hours in the car and are only 3 hours late for the birthday so sorry Rachel Ripperger!!!!!! But she looked so cute in the pictures I looked at...she is such a sweet heart.....I will have to post a few pics of her when I can!!! So after all that I know you want to see what this cute little guy looks like but it looks like you are going to have to wait until the National Enquirer publishes the pictures......long photo shoot and huge check!!!! No just kidding if you haven't figured that out already!!!! So here he is........DEMSTER I know this pictures makes him look huge.....he is not tiny but he is not as big as he looks....maybe 10 or 11 pounds and he is 10 1/2 weeks old.
Here is Demster and his loving sister Bentley.....this is about the only way she likes to be close to him....if he is sleeping and her too I guess!!!!! So far she is tolerating him and that is about it. She is very spoiled so she does not like to share with him so she will run in front of him to cut him off if she thinks he is going to try to get some love!!!!! But she may not like him so much because this morning he thought she was his GIRLFRIEND not his SISTER......if ya know what I mean!!!!! So that may tend to be a little annoying!!!!!!


Princess S said...

He is ADORABLE!!!!! I can't wait to give him a tushy scratch and get a big sloppy kiss!!!! How did you pick the name?

Geri said...

What a cutey! I am sure life will be more interesting with 2 dogs but you still have a ways to go to catch up with Steph and Don!!