Thursday, August 21, 2008


Our last time at the fair we took the kids with us and we had these drawings done.....I think they are called charactures...not sure of the spelling. But don't you just love it!!!! The artists took a look at them and in 5 minutes this is what they come up with .....they just used a magic marker..... that is just amazing to me......I can draw stick people and I probably better use a pencil just in case I need to erase!!!!

Kale, Delaney, and Taylor. We had them done in 2002 also...... it is funny to look at how much they have changed. I will have to get them out and post will get a kick out of them.

Here they are showing off their "artwork". This really shows how much they really look like the drawings. They liked having it done but they felt "weird" having people watching them and then laughing!!!!

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