Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FiRsT dAy oF sChOoL....2008-2009

Taylor(Junior), Kale(6th), Delaney(Freshman)

Here they are for those of you who do not know our children!!! Back to school they go!!! Everybody was excited this morning.....we will see how excited they are by next week!!!haha!!! Only a few glitches.....Taylor had to change a class and I think that may have been it!!! No homework today for anybody so that is a good thing....everyone is still getting straight A's so far!!!! Troy's new job went AWESOME today.......not one single phone call today saying you did not put my child on the bus he is thinking that was a good thing!!!! He is the new transportation director at our school(Melcher-Dallas) all of the fretting over who was driving where and the long hours getting ready for today looks like they paid off!!!!! GREAT JOB TROY!!!!


jacquelyn said...

Oh, Missy, your kids are beautiful!! Isn't it nuts that we have kids this old?? Yes, its true, I will be 40 this Sunday :( I thought of you on the 4th of July, hope you had a great birthday!! If you are anywhere near Lake City on Halloween I'd love for you to come to our haunted house & get scared!!! You are welcome anytime!

Princess S said...

They look ready to conquer the world or at least Melcher Dallas!!! Glad to hear that everyone had a great day at school!! Can't wait to hear about day 2.