Thursday, August 7, 2008

U gOtTa LoVe iT!!!!!!

Went to the famous iowa state fair.......u gotta love it!!!!!! Fried cheese curds is why i go!!! And the refreshing smell of animal poo......need i say more!! And we always have to make a stop to see the biggest boar.....he weighed 1,259 pounds if I recall that's a whole lotta pork chop!!!! And the big bull...i do not remember how much he weighed but needless to say he was VERY large. I love going and the weather was AWESOME!!! I love to watch the people walk around carrying the huge turkey makes me think of cavemen walking really is quite a sight.

And we got our e-mail from the bulldog lady......we are approved to purchase one of her cute little bullies.....go take a i can't help but love their cute little wrinkles!!!!! But I just get a little nervous when I can not touch something with my own hands!!!! Well I better go for tonite.

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Princess S said...

NOthing says a good time like the smell of POOH!!!! And I am not talking about the bear!!!