Wednesday, August 6, 2008

CC ExCiTeMeNt!!!!!!

Here I am again!! We got the letter we have been waiting for in the mail today!!! Our school Melcher-Dallas does not have a cross country team........ so last year Taylor got to go run for Knoxville schools and we new at the time it was going to be based on enrollment when the numbers came out this year they were 1 student over which moved them up to a bigger class and they(Knoxville) did not want that. So our letter today was from Pleasantville schools letting us know that they would love to have Taylor and Delaney both run for them this year!!!! We are so excited because Taylor LOVED cross country last year and it really helped her..... I think grow as a person!!!! So we are really looking forward to both of them getting to run together this year!!! I don't think they realize what an awesome experience they are going to have for the next 2 years getting to do all of their activities together!!!! A bond that alot of siblings do not get to experience!!!! So i am very excited for them!!!!(if you can't tell)

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Princess S said...

That is so Awesome!!!! Way to go girls!!! Missy you are becoming a blogging QUEEN!!!