Monday, September 8, 2008

GrAnDmA DiXiE....

Ok....I am going to try to do this without rambling on and on and talking in I already have!!!!! For starters Grandma Dixie is Troy's grandmother....his mom's(Jan) mom and Mike is Jan's husband....Troy's step dad. I told you a while back I would do Troy's family "bush" a little at a time as not to overwhelm you!!!! A few years ago(I will not try to guess how long ago because I am sure it is longer than what I think) we had to help move Grandma Dixie into assisted she LOVES it!!!! But at the time she was not at all impressed by it!!!! And made sure Jan knew that!!!! She is the sweetest little lady you could ever meet.....but boy is she ornery!!!!! Nor is she shy....things kind of come out of her mouth sometimes that maybe she shouldn't say(Jan is usually not impressed by that!!)....but I can't help but giggle about it!!! So Jan says I do not help out the situation very much!!!! So that being said she is in assisted living because she has dementia. And it is really very sad because she is as healthy as a teenager but she just can't remember s**t.......that is what she will tell anybody who asks her!!!! She can not tell you what she ate for dinner 5 minutes ago but she can tell you what she did when she was 16 years is just mind boggling to us!!!! But everybody who knows her.......LOVES her!!!! So I hope that kind of tells you a little bit about her and just how special she is to ALL of us!!!! She is the only grandparent that Troy and I have left!!!!
So on Sunday nite they had an open house at the assisted living(and it just happened to be grandparents day!!) This week is assisted living week. She just crack us up...we got there and she thought Troy was his uncle and just some stuff that she said was just funny!!! The women who work there just love her. So we had snacks and the kids got to visit with her even if she asked them the same 3 questions over and over.....the kids have gotten better about it.....Kale used to remind her that she had already asked him they just answer her again and again!!!! Bless her heart!!!! I took a few pictures so I will share those with you so you can put a face with the names!!!
Troy and the kids, Jan(in red), Grandma Dixie(middle), and Mike(tall one:) So when I called grandma a "little" lady that is really what I meant.....Taylor is not very tall....maybe 5 foot 2 I think you can see that both grandma's are not very tall.....that must be where Troy got his height from....and Taylor too!!!!
Kale, Delaney, Grandma Dixie, and Taylor....I am so happy for all of them that they are old enough to remember their great grandmother!!!!
This is grandma and her very dear friend Elanor.....they do everything together!!!! And I am very sure there is never a dull moment when the 2 of them are around. It is just AWESOME to me that at that age they can enjoy life every single day and not worry about the little things.....laugh and giggle like they were 16 again!!! It just makes me think that maybe I take life way to serious sometimes.....I need to relax and enjoy things a little more.....because you never know what tomorrow will bring!!!!!


Princess S said...

You gotta love Grannies....they have the best stories and it is good that they tell them to you over and over because as you age you remember less and less.

Gma said...

Nice words for Grandma Dixie,she would love what you said about her Missy,Thank you.

No one has more fun than Grandma Dixie.