Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tHiS & ThAt......

All I have for ya tonite is a little bit of this and that!!! Sorry nothing really crazee tonite!!!!! We did have a cross country meet tonite in Oskaloosa at Lake Keomah. Taylor got 6th again with a time of 15 minutes and 49 seconds.....much improvement from last week!!!!! And Laney ran in 16 minutes and 53 seconds taking 13th place one step up from 14th last week......also a big improvement!!!!! AWESOME job ladies!!!! We are sooooo proud of both of you!!!! And they both got a medal....again!!!! No pictures tonite did not get them put on the computer and they all start looking the same so do not want to bore you with that!!!!

Demster update......he is coming out of his quiet stage and into kind of a rowdy one!!! He has also found his voice......wow sometimes when you are least expecting it....gives you a little jolt!!! And he wants to chew on EVERYTHING!!!!! He has alot of toys but those do not seem to be what he likes to chew on so I feel like I have a toddler in the house.....constantly saying no or stop that and then he gets sassy and barks at me......no respect at all!!!! But ya gotta love him cause he is just so darn cute!!!!

I have 2 birthday kids this month so I should get some pictures rounded up so I can give you a little get to know the kids section this month......hmmmm.....now that's a good idea.....I just might do that!!!!

And last but not least......Shawn at Eclectic Whimsy is working on my new blog design right now as I type!!!!! I am very excited to see what she comes up with....so soon we will have a new look....so make sure you let me know what you think of it when it comes!!!!

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