Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well we have gone and done it!!!!!! We went to pick up our brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle on Friday afternoon!!! And yes we are very excited!!!! This is something we have always wanted to do but our kids were not old enough, we didn't have the money, and when would we ever find the time to ride???? We decided this summer that we will both be 40 this year and not that 40 is old but you never know what tomorrow will bring and we have not really ever had alot of time to do what we wanted to do....sooooo we decided this is what we are going to do......make a little time to ride, do we have the extra cash laying around to buy one????......heck no.....but will we ever?????......heck no.....are our kids old enough to stay home for an afternoon so that we can do something together just the 2 of us.......heck yes!!!!! we just did it......this summer we ordered a 2009 Street Glide Harley Davidson!!!!! And it is all ours!!!!! Today is the first day we got to ride....the kids went to stay with Grandma Janet and Grandpa Jeff so that was the perfect opportunity to ride and that is what we did!!!! I think we have found our new hobby....we both LOVED it!!!! We rode about 150 miles this afternoon!!! And believe me I think my butt will feel like it in the morning!!! We stayed in the area that we live in but it is amazing how different EVERYTHING is when you are not in a car.......the smells alone.....for one ROAD quite a smell when riding a just know everything that is going on....mowing the grass, mowing hay, Casey's pizza!!!!!!, a few day old skunk, and people that about takes your breath away!!!!! And the temperature change from the top of a hill to the bottom is a huge change!!!! The sounds are just don't hear that stuff while riding in a car!!!!.....the bugs and frogs, the cows, and the sounds when you go under the overpasses....weird!!!! And the bumps and cracks in the road that you go over in a car no big deal.....but I am here to tell you I think I felt almost every one we went over today and the big SWISH of air after the semi goes by.....and I think Troy's favorite thing is....every time you meet another bike they do the "low wave"....he LOVES that, he is like a little kid on Christmas morning and I just LOVE seeing him this happy so this is our happy birthday,happy anniversary,happy mother's day, happy father's day,merry Christmas and happy new year(and any holiday I may have left out!!) to each other for a VERY long time......But with day 1 under our belt we absolutely LOVE it!!!! We just have a short time left to ride it this year so we are probably going to have to ride every chance we just like my blogging has caused a lack of dusting, doing laundry, and cooking I am really going to have some issues trying to find time to fit in the dusting and if any of you have free time....let me know.....I may be able to help you out if you get bored!!!!! haha!!! So this experience so far has just been AWESOME for us.......from Brian at Big Barn Harley Davidson...(they make you think it is so much fun to spend that much money) the horrible smells on the road.....we just can't wait until tomorrow to ride again!!!! So I bet after all of this you would like to see a picture!?!??!?! I don't have any of me yet but I do have one of Troy. Here it is......the black beauty......oh and Troy too!!!!( I think he is cute too!!!)(do you like the free t-shirt...he got to pick it out even!!)
And you have to have all the "gear" these are Troy's sunglasses/goggles.....with transition lenses. They do not have HD on the side but they were not cheap.....(looks like I better call the insurance lady to put coverage on them!!)
Here is my choice of sunglasses/goggles......yes they are pink!!! I like to think I am pretty practicle.......$21.00 with 10% that is what I am talking about(no insurance policy needed) But they are not I will have to find another pair with just clear lenses for nite(we do not think the old bug in the eye sounds like a good time).......but I think I can find some for around $ still will be cheaper than the transition lenses!!!!! I will give myself a pat on the back for that one!!!!! I for the most part like the classic black and orange...but for $21 I couldn't pass them up. AND they were for "small" I usually go for the XL stuff so I was feeling pretty good when they fit!!!!
So here we have it the classic black and orange....we had to have a couple of fleece jackets for now. One of the guys at "the barn" told us that anything that has HD on it means hundred dollars......I think he could be right!!!!! But they gave us a couple of free t-shirts for buying the bike!!!!! Now that's quite a spend thousands and we will give 2 free t-shirts!!!!! And like I said.....we loved it.....they made us think that was an awesome deal!!!! Funny how that works when you are buying something you REALLY want!!!! But the fleece jackets kept us very warm tonite...we stayed out a little longer that we had planned so we took them along..thank goodness. I have to say....we are not a huge fan of the nite ride.....yet....maybe that is something that grows on ya!?!??!?! But for now I think it will be day time riding for us.
And last but not least....his and hers boots.....these did not come from the Harley store. I found them and they were 20% off......I told you I liked a bargain!!!! And when I tried them on Troy said they make your feet look small.....WOW I am on a roll small head, small they sell Harley jeans here.....I could use a "your butt looks small" comment!!!!! No jeans today so I guess I am stuck with the XL butt for awhile!!! So we look stylish in our Harley stuff minus the jeans.....maybe next time. So off we will go again tomorrow and we will always take the camera along so when we get a little more adventurous we will take pictures of things we find interesting and let you enjoy our outings too!!!!


Princess S said...

Awesome!!! When do you get the matching jackets? Have you picked out matching tattoos yet? Does this mean you are going to want your own Hog Missy???

jacquelyn said...

Sweet ride!!! You'll have to ride that Harley on up to Lake City and check out the haunted house! Its gonna be really great!