Thursday, September 25, 2008

tHe bUsH.....

Hello to you all.....sorry I have not been on in awhile.....busy, busy, busy!!!! HAHA! Anywho.....(that's what my sister would say and we all find it to be a bit odd!!!! We love ya Aunt Shell!!!) with fall closing in on us and all the leaves starting to change and the COOL weather (I LOVE IT!!!) I forgot I wanted to show you guys a picture of is a viney flower we have growing in our back yard and I LOVE it!!! When we planted it a few years ago it took off and kind of went crazy and really it got out of we pulled it all up and just got rid of it.....until the next year and it came back with a vengeance..... so we put up several things for it to climb on and it has outgrown ALL of them so now it is climbing on it's self. So instead of being a vine it is now a BUSH!!!! That is what I call it anyway!!! It usually blooms around the time the kids go back to school.....and that is our bush that we stand by for all the school pictures at our house.......but this year it was a little late. Once you see one little bloom it doesn't take very long and the entire bush is covered.....and it smells AWESOME!!!! The only problem is this year there were a ton of bees around it. So I took a few pictures of our bush for you to enjoy....if only you could smell it!!!!!
Here is the bush.....if I only had someplace for it to would look really cool.....but then it would not be a bush!!!!!
There has to be a million of these tiny flowers on the bush......they are so cute and they really do smell awesome!!!
I tried to get close to the bees but they are hard to take pictures of with my camera.....but this year there were a ton of bees!!! YIKES!!!