Sunday, September 28, 2008

hApPy 17tH BiRtHdAy!!!!!!

Guess who is 17 today!!!!!! Taylor Paige is 17 today. WOW 17.......that is a hard one to absorb!!!! It makes me a little bit emotional I have to admit.....she is not a little girl anymore and before we know it she will be to college doing her own thing and making her own decisions and making a life of her own!!!!! It just does not seem possible. But we just have to go with it and enjoy her while she is still at home!!!! And boy do we ever enjoy her......she is for the most part quiet.......but when you get her wound up watch out!!!! She is the quiet joker...she is alot like her dad....she picks up on just the tiniest little thing and runs with you always have to be on your toes around little mistake and you are the victim!!!!! She is our busy one involved with alot of school activities and friends.....but she is not afraid to stay at home on Friday or Saturday nite to hang out and watch TV with us. She has alot of friends....boys or girls, athletes, non athletes.....she just gets along well with most people......and we are very proud of her for that!!!! So with that being said I will give you the pictures...... Here she is 17 years pictures are sooooo not very good....missing an arm....but none the less she is adorable from day 1!!!!!
AAAHHHH not how sweet is that????? Look at the little ring on her index funny!!!
Softball picture.......glove, pants, bat, and funny the RAINBOWS was the team name.....I am sure they all love that now!!!!
This is one of my favorite pictures of Taylor......look at those blue eyes!!!!
Dance team picture from Coal Miner's weekend last year.......and yes her "N" is backwards on her shirt.....hers was the only one!!!!
High School softballHigh School basketball.....I did not put any of her running(her favorite school activity) because I have to be honest.....I got tired of waiting on the pictures to load!!!! SORRY!!! But anyway here she is........17 today and still as cute and precious as she was 17 years ago!!!!! HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


Princess S said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!! Hope you enjoy the day!!!!!

jacquelyn said...

Wow, she is really beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!

(feels like we were just 17, doesn't it??)

The DeHeer's said...

Wow!!! I remeber when she was born! It was so fun babysitting her and the other two...they were good kids! Happy Birthday!