Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sEpTeMbEr iS gOnE!!!!!

Hello all!!!!! Today I am just going to talk about a few things that went on in September....ya know it is October ALREADY!!!!!!! I hope you noticed we have a new design!!!!! Thanks sooooo much to Shawn at Eclectic Whimsy designs!!!!!! She has been very patient with my lack of computer knowledge and my likes and dislikes.....and trust me there are ALOT!!!!! So let me know what you think about the new design.

Aunt Shell had a birthday this month.......happy "38" and Jacoby turned "13" WOW he will be driving next year!!!!!!

I spelled Demster wrong if I am spelling it like the Chicago Cubs should I was told!!!!(thanks Shell) But it works for me the way I spelled it!!!!! You all saw that coming I think!!!!

The Chicago Cubs are the Central Division Champs......they play today....against the Dodgers....I think.....sorry Troy if I am wrong!!!! The wife of a Cubs fan should probably know these things!!!

I am listenting to a new radio station on my way to work......STAR 102.5......and love it. Big Ken and Colleen in the morning.......they have 80's nite on Friday nites....I think you can listen to it on the computer.

Our cousin Jessika was the homecoming queen in P'ville.......AWESOME Jess!!!!! We want to see pictures!!!!! I hear you looked beautiful!!!!

Cross Country is going great for the is starting to cool down so it makes running alot more fun.....I would think......I do not know that from experience!!!!!

Our homecoming was last week not have any pictures yet so will post them at a different time. Taylor's NEW "friend" was our homecoming king!!!! He is a cutey....and we are very excited about getting rid of the old boyfriend!!!!! SORRY Taylor!!!!

The Harley riding has been great so far.....but I think we are running out of warm weather!!!! And we do not have any leather it has to be a short trip and pretty warm out!!!

And last but not least.....we do flag football every Saturday morning with Kale so I will try to get some pictures of that on another post too.

Well I think that is about it for the month of Christmas is right around the corner......I AM NOT READY FOR THAT!!!! Oh maybe I am.....I forgot I told you guys this blog was our gift to WOW that was pretty easy....I am done with some of you before I even get started!!!!!!


Geri said...

I like your new design! Not sure about the colored text? It looks good but some of the colors (green and yellow) are so light it makes it more difficult to read. Can't wait till the end of October for the BIG weekend at my house, although I am not ready yet!

Princess S said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Shawn did an awesome job!!! Glad to hear that all is well up there. Sounds like life is CRAZEE!!!! See you in a few weeks!!!

jacquelyn said...

Love your new design! Its really great! Your life sounds as jam packed as mine! Wouldn't change it for anything :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! Love your site! The crib is a 11 year-old hand me down! Melissa