Sunday, October 19, 2008

bEnEFiT DiNnEr....

Saturday nite we went to a benefit dinner/silent auction at the Methodist church here in town for a lady here in town who is fighting cancer. I do not know all of the details but felt the need to help out in anyway that we could and besides who doesn't like an auction?!!?!?!?! All I have to say is I hit it big......I only spent around $210 and I came home with a ton of stuff!!!!! And you guessed it I have to show you all of my goodies!!!!!
There were several baskets full of all of this stuff.....I really only wanted a couple of bowls out of all of it......but what the heck........$40!!!!!!!
These are the only things I really wanted out of the entire box of stuff....but it was fun looking at everything!!!!!

And we got this awesome pampered chef pizza stone, cooling rack, scrubber and measuring cup...I love this stuff.......$ that's a deal!!!! Plus we got several buffet tickets, Iowa Cubs tickets and some tickets to the Iowa Speedway.......Kale can't wait for that!!!!!

I am not sure how much money they raised but I think they had a really good turn out and I think everybody enjoyed themselves!!!!!

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Princess S said...

I Love it!!! I can't wait to see all of your treasures this weekend!!!