Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok I have been tagged by Melissa at!!!!!! I am suppose to share 7 weird facts about myself....not sure if i have 7 weird things about me!!!!! HAHAHA!!! I crack myself up!!!!!(i know that is one WEIRD thing about myself....because that really was not funny!!) So here it goes......I had my family help me and it sure did not take them long to come up with more than 7 weird things about me!!!!!!

Weird Facts:

1. I burnt my eyeball one time while curling my hair.....right before getting ready to go see REBA in concert......I do not think my husband was to happy!!! But I got to wear a pirate patch home from the cool is that!!!!! yes you are right.....WEIRD!!!

2. I like the TP to go over the top NOT husband likes it under.....maybe he does it just to make me CRAZEE!!!!!!

3. When I sneeze....I never sneeze once....always at least 3 times if not more....WEIRD....but what I think is even more WEIRD is that my family counts and knows how many times I sneeze....REALLY WEIRD!!!!!

4. My sister thinks this is WEIRD.....I find it to be perfectly normal......I put deodorant on before I go to bed!!!!! You never know!!!!

5. The smell of tuna or even the thought of tuna makes me GAG!!!!! So if anybody in my house wants tuna they have to eat it AND have the smell out of the house before I get home!!!!

6. I pulled all my eyelashes out on one eye one time while trying to curl them with that little eyelash I looked really WEIRD!!!!!!

7. I have a really addictive personality.......if I get "hooked" on something.......WOW I am really's kind of WEIRD!!!!!

Now I have to pass this "TAG" along to the following people:

1. Steph at she is a true friend and is very crazy and some very interesting things!!!!!

2. Angelia at wow what do I say...awesome blog and just beautiful family!!!!

3. Jacquelyn at love looking at the pictures she takes on her family adventures!!!!

4.Geri at awwww the sweetest lady around!!!!!! See ya soon!!!!!

5.Kelley at take a look at her cute is that!!!! What a little cutie she has!!!!

You are suppose to tag 7.....I am only tagging 5 then I am suppose to leave you a comment to let you know you have been tagged......I have not figured out how to link yet so that it is just your name that shows up so I have to type in all of your blog looks pretty crappy like that but sorry.....have fun!!!! If any of you can help me figure out how to do the link thing please please help looks soooo much nicer if all you have to do is click on a name not the whole address!!!!!

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jacquelyn said...

Thanks for the tag! I will try to limit my weirdness to only 7 things!

Haunted house is really coming along, I think they are almost ready!!!