Thursday, October 30, 2008

tRiCk oR tReAt....

Tonite was beggars Kale has gotten to the age that he does not want us to walk around from house to house with him....but it is ok if a friend of his comes with his mom and dad and he goes with them.......hhhmmmmm!!!! But that works out ok because I like to see all of the little kids in their costumes. We live in a small town and we also live where there are not alot of houses so we do not have very many trick or treaters. Kale is pretty predictable on what he wants to be.....3 options.....cowboy(he wants to be one soooooo bad!!!), army guy(he wants to be in the Army when he gets old enough soooooo bad!!!), or a football player(he can't wait until next year he gets to play REAL football!!) So for the past several years he has been one of those 3......and it is always such a big deal to him......he always wants me to help him decide what one to be!!!!! As usual....I am on my way home from work(4:15p.m. and trick or treating does not start until 6p.m. so we have a little time) and I get the phone what do you think I should be??? Then he goes through the list of I ask...what is Ty(the friend he is going with) going to be? HHHMMMM good question so he tells me to hold on just a second so he can call Ty to ask what he was going to be.....he gets back with me and lets me know that Ty is dressing in camo(military) so that is what he is going to do too!!!!! Now that was easy!!!!!Kale and Ty all ready to go get the candy!!!!!

So 2 hours later Kale gets back from a big nite of trick or treating and we HAVE to dump the bag out on the dinning room table to check everything out......and I am looking for the popcorn ball....but much to my amazement no popcorn balls.....but there was a GIANT tube of toothpaste and a I have heard of people giving these items out and trust me I do not have a problem with it at all!!!!! BUT this tube of toothpaste was not your average travel size toothpaste it was the GIANT one you buy off the shelf at your local size!!! And they are not always I am not sure if that is what everybody got or if somebody ran out of candy so they started cleaning out the cupboards or what.....I know it sounds like I am making a big deal out of it and that is really not what I am trying to do but it was hilarious when he dumped everything out of the bag and out fell the toothpaste on top of all the candy!!!! Here it is the GIANT tube of size.....I know he needed it after eating the WHOPPER'S.......those are his FAVORITE!!!!!!! I just wanted a popcorn ball!!!!!! DARN IT!!!!


Princess S said...

Looking tough Kale!!!!
Missy, Grandma Bunny still makes popcorn balls for her trick or treaters!!!! They are YUMMY!!!! Maybe you will have to head to Ottumwa!!!!

Rachel said...

What a nifty idea...they will definately need that after all that candy!