Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LiViNg HiStOrY FaRmS rAcE.....

First off sorry it has been awhile.....I am really waaaayyyy behind....on everything!!! So I think the first thing I want to talk about is the girls ran last Saturday.....yikes the Living History Farms in Des Moines. It was a 7 mile race......yes i will say it again......7 miles of cross country....hills, creeks, mud and anything else you may see while hiking in the woods. It was just an absolutely crazy day.....we left home around 6 am got there by 7 am and there were a ton of people there already.....and it was quite chilly that morning. We(I better say Troy got them checked in....I stayed in the car!!!) got the girls checked in and then had alot of time to wait. Kale went along and needless to say....he is not a good "waiter" he was in and out of the car.....let's just say MANY times!!!!!

So about the was the 30th annual Living History Farms cross country race, 7,500 plus runners, the largest cross country race in North America, people from 40 states and 4 countries ran in the race. And in order to get your picture on the news or in the paper I assume that is why anyway.....people dress up in a variety of costumes!!!!! "the runaway brides" all had wedding dresses on, there was a 54 year old man wearing ONLY a loincloth......(yuck that just gave me the heebie-jeebies!!!!), all of the wizard of oz characters, Santa and the Reindeer, and how could I forget Elvis, many with no shirts and at the finish line I saw 2 guys run across with only a thong on........and it was not on their feet!!!!!! But if you can think of was probably there that day.

Anyway Taylor ran it in 1:02.05 and Delaney ran it in 1:17.12. Very good if I don't say so myself!!!!! If you want to see pictures and any other info on the race just go here and go about halfway down the page and click on living history farm race and I think you can look at the info and the Des Moines Register has pictures on there and I think video from the TV station. We took some pictures but they did not turn out as good as the ones in the paper. But here are a few that we took.

This is the start of the took a little over 5 minutes for all of the runners to get past us so that we could got stand in a different that is alot of people!!!!


Princess S said...

I would have made them costumes!!!!

Jacq ;) said...

Wow! That is amazing! Tell them congratulations! That is awesome!