Sunday, November 2, 2008

sTaTe MeEt....

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and on our way to Ft. Dodge to the state cross country meet to watch Taylor run......and hope that she runs fast!!!! No we just want her to do her best and be happy with her matter the place she gets. Because as far as I am concerned anybody who can run 2 1/2 miles without being carried off on a stretcher is a true champion in my eyes!!!!! We got there kinda early because you have to get a good parking spot and a good place to tailgate and hangout after the race. We got a good spot to park not far from Troy's Uncle Gary and Aunt Jill......they are the true tailgaters.....thanks so much!!!! So we were able to watch some of the early races and prepare for the 1:00 race(Taylor)....ya know....where do we want to stand and where is the best place to get a good picture or many questions you must ask yourself just to enjoy a 15 minute race!!!!! But it is all worth it after you get to watch your child perform at this level!!!!! So I am sure you are all wishing I would just get to the did she do!!!!!! So she got 28th place with a time of 15:56 out of 127 girls in class I think she did sooooooo AWESOME I can not even tell you how proud we are!!!!! She is one of the top 30 runners in her class in the entire state!!!!!! Pretty stinkin' cool Taylor!!!!We are very proud of you!!!!!! We took a few pictures so I better share those too!Two of Taylor's friends Jo and Chelsey made the trip to cheer Taylor on.......thanks for coming ladies!!!!
Kale hangin' out with "the ladies" who wouldn't like that!?!??!?!?!?!
The cross country team after the race.
Taylor and her coach.......Mr. Miller.
Taylor and her Melcher cheering group.......thanks to you all for coming!!!!!!!
And I can not leave her loving family out......aawwww aren't they all so cute?!?!?!?!?! Although her father seems to be telling me to just hurry up and take the darn picture!?!??!?!?!
I just about forgot to put the pictures of Taylor running.....I must have gotten excited about everybody coming out to watch her run?!!?!?!? I think she is flying in this picture?!(if you look close I think both feet are off the ground at the same time!!!)
Running in the middle of the race......and she is ahead of some of the girls that beat her this year so you can't ask for much more that that!!!!! She ran her best time of this year and finished the race without being carried off on a stretcher so in my eyes she is a true champion!!!!!!!
Just want to say thanks to.....Grandma Jan & Grandpa Mike, Grandma Becky, Uncle Gary & Aunt Jill and all of the Melcher fans for coming out to watch Taylor run I know it means the world to her knowing that you all think so much of her that you would drive for 2 hours to cheer her on........and so you can eat at Applebee's!!!!!!!


Princess S said...

Way to go BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are truly amazing!!!! I had to sit and rest just thinking about it!!!

The DeHeer's said...

Way to go Taylor! We are all so very proud of your accomplishments!

Chelsey Greubel said...

awhh I love this!! Your whole page is so cute!! ;)!!