Saturday, April 4, 2009

WeEkEnD.... here it is Saturday nite and we are at home and in for the nite by 7 p.m.
now that is one exciting life!!!!!!!
No really it is not....but it was an AWESOME day outside today in the 70's....windy but warm!!!
But this is Iowa......stick around that will change!!!!!
It is suppose to get cold and snow late tonite and tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I think I forgot to give you the update about Kale's wrestling last weekend......he lost 2 matches
on Saturday so he did not make it into the top 8 so did not get to wrestle on Sunday.
He was very disappointed.....but as a 12 year old we live in that moment and that was all that was important at that point in his life!!!!!! But nothing a little mac&cheese from Macaroni Grill wouldn't cure!!!! But we were very proud of him......this was his first year of wrestling and he made it to state.....not bad if you ask me!!!!!!

Off to play spring softball in the morning{at 9 a.m.} if it doesn't snow and rain tonite!!!!!

Went to the high school tonite to watch our high school dance teams spring show
as their fundraiser they have a clinic for the elementary kids......those little ones are so darn cute to watch!!!!!!!

Well that is our excitement so far this weekend....hope you all are having a great weekend!!!!!


Rebekah said...

Our weather is doing about the same thing. We had tornadoes and 70 degree weather this weekend, and expecting snow showers tonight!!

Noah's Mommy said...

I hope you didn't get the snow too bad....and wow...I just looked down...what a dress....Happy SITS day....

Ooh Baby! said...

Your schedule sounds a lot like mine. visiting from SITS.

Princess S said...

Way to go Kale.....the effort is what counts!!!!