Monday, July 20, 2009


NOTE TO DAD'S.......{{mom's really feel uneasy about pictures of their son flying threw the air on something that does NOT have wings!!!!!!}} Kale LOVED it!!!!!!!!! :0)

Kale......I think he found the biggest mud hole in the entire place to go through!!!!!!!!

WOW.......the weekend flew by!!!!!!!
And Monday is almost gone.......
and come to think of it where has summer gone?!!?!?!??!?!
BUSY, BUSY weekend!!!!!!!
Friday we did bike nite as I have already posted about.
Taylor was on day 2 of dance camp on Friday.
Saturday was Taylor's last day at camp and she said......WOW!!!!!!
{very sore muscles!!!!!!!!}
I went to the Farmer's Market in Des Moines with my girlfriends from high school......good food and great fun!!!!!!!
And Troy and Kale went to Bluff Creek to ride dirt bikes......I sent the camera with them so that is the only pictures I have to share from the entire busy weekend!!!!!!!
And Sunday Delaney had an all day basketball camp at Graceland University.


April said... have been busy! Seeing your son on that motorcycle makes me very grateful that I only have daughters. Of course, given the opportunity, they'd probably do the same thing!

confused homemaker said...

I'm not looking forward to when the boys are able to ride anything. I'm still nervous about them on bicycles with training wheels.

Debbie in Nashville said...

Hi, stopping by from SITS. Wow, your life does look crazy but so much fun too! Love your layout.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Rhonda said...

I can totally relate with the whole crazy life bit!! We are nuts here too!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesteday!! I had a blast!!

Erin Bassett said...

Stopping by from SITS.

What a fun life you lead! We're totally loving our Farmer's Market these days...such a fun place. :D

mommy4life said...

What is it with the daredevil stuff? I don't know how they survive to grow up...

Thanks for coming by today and sharing in my feature SITS day!

Princess S said...

That is what I call FUN!!!!