Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ChRiStMaS iS cOmiNg....rEaDy oR nOt

Well here I sit at the computer on December 23rd. The kids last day of school.....for the year!!!! :0) And wonder when I am going to finish my Christmas shopping!!!!!!! The weather is suppose to get kind of.....well let's just say crappy!!!! So I guess I may have to skate to the mall.....but I know my kids will love my efforts!!!!! {{you can insert sarcasm at any point here!!}}
Anyway what I am trying to say is I think Christmas has snuck up on me this year......oh man who am I trying to fool it happens to me every year!!!! Maybe I need to join all of the crazy{{not to offend any of you I use that term in a FUN way!!!}} people the day after Christmas and shop til I drop and get all of my shopping done for 2010....hmmmmm now that sounds like a plan.
I have had alot going on lately and have not blogged very much...but was reading some blogs this morning and stopped by here and had to do a post like stop by and check her post out!!!!
She just talked about some of the things we do for Christmas morning and Santa to make memories for our kids. So do you do anything crazy or fun???? Our Christmas Eve consists of wrapping gifts until midnite or later and Christmas morning comes no later than 5 am for us!!!! We wrap ALL of the gift on Christmas Eve...we never have gifts under our tree for our when they come down the stairs on Christmas morning the tree is bursting with gifts!!!
At our house each child has their own color/print of paper. Each child has their own "santa sack" that their Santa gift comes in. We do the stocking first before they open any gifts. We used to wrap every little thing in their stockings...but ugh....we stopped doing that...that took FOREVER!!!!! I just love Christmas!!!!! But now that the kids are getting older the "Santa" factor is missing.....but I know they still are happy to come down the stairs on Christmas morning!!!! I would love to hear your stories so if you do a post about this please let me know!!! If I do not get back on here before Christmas I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families!!!!!!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

It's funny how we all do things differently and yet no kids catch onto that when they are talking to their friends! I guess they believe because they want to - and I want to!